Our Diplomats DIPLOMAT – writing instruments

Experience our products as we do: enthusiastic! A wide variety of metals, elaborate manufacturing processes and sophisticated mechanics – all handmade! Let yourself be inspired by our writing instruments and be amazed!


Graduated upholsterer, specializing in seating, I have always had a great passion for interior decoration and old furniture.

My workshop also offers its own creations, because passionate of retrieval and vintage furniture, I put my know-how and my inspirations to neglected objects, looking after them and giving them a second life.

My values are recycling and ecology : at POUF & SOFA we use environmentally friendly products, A + adhesives, non-toxic wood treatment, green stripper, natural paints, vegetal varnish, etc., preserving the air Inside your dwellings!


Born in Marseille, Rémy Chaillan studied classical percussions at the age of 16 at the Conservatory of Marseille, that he completed with piano studies and musical arrangement, at the Musical lnstitute of Professional Training, of Salon de Provence.

ln 1997 he entered as an arranger/ composer at the Studio Pavillon in Marseille where he made many albums in various styles, jazz, funk, rock, world music, classical.

Passionate about «7th Art», he decided to mix his passions by composing music for full-length films and short films.

As a multi-talented artist, he is also, the author, composer & arranger of DEVON, a French Epic Rock band, who just release its first Album.


Layla Benabid was born on December 26, 1981.

Graduate in Graphic arts, publishing & advertising.

Passionate about drawing since she was a child, she first worked in different fields before deciding to make her passion a profession.

She launched as a free-lancer in 2010, working on artworks for various audiences and graphic design.

At the end of 2011, she decided to embark on the adventure of youth publishing and was quickly noticed by a publishing house.


Kares Le Roy has spent the last six years traveling and photographing in Persia and Central Asia.

He now spends more time in these little-known regions of the world -which became his favorite pictorial field- more than in his native country.

At 34, he has already accomplished important projects such as two books, one short film and a documentary.

Collaborations with Doctors without Borders, l’Équipe Magazine and National Geographic have brought him a certain recognition, yet it is the power of the portrait of a grandmother – the radiant icon of the cover of his first book – that resonates most strongly.

For his new project he has traveled 16 months in a cargo van with a visceral commitment and unwavering will for this timeless testimony, to let it live beyond the circuits of his memory cards. This obstinacy gave birth to a book: Ashayer – nomads in Persian – in which Kares narrates his immersion in the tribal world. Between Iran and Afghanistan the photographer – nomadic in his own way –  indeed enmeshed himself with different surviving ethnic groups of these regions. He utterly dived in their lifestyle. His book is an artifact of cultures that tend to vanish in our globalized world of the 21 century.

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