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DIPLOMAT- writing instruments

Ink & Cartridges 

We work together with well-known manufacturers who produce inks and cartridges with us in cooperation and above all regionally, including, for example, Octopus Fluids from Dresden.

Our products Diplomat-writing instruments

Innovation and traditional craftsmanship

Experience our products as we do: enthusiastic! A wide variety of metals, elaborate manufacturing processes and sophisticated mechanics – all handmade! Let yourself be inspired by our writing instruments and be amazed! Our product groups offer a unique experience of writing and drawing for everyone.

Made in Germany

years warranty

years of experience

We manufacture our writing instruments by hand, as we have always done in our tradition and history. Each writing instrument is made with love and care by one of our 8 craftmen. Quality and accuracy are the focus of every single production step – right up to the finished product. Our designs evolve with the spirit of times, innovations flow into the development process.

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