We manufacture our writing instruments by hand, as we have always done in our tradition and history since 1922.  

has been manufacturing writing instruments with innovation spirit and traditional handcraft since 1922.

We manufacture our writing instruments by hand, as we have always done in our tradition and history. Each writing instrument is made with love and care by one of our 8 craftmen.

Made in Germany

years warranty

years of experience

Quality and accuracy are the focus of every single production step – right up to the finished product. Our designs evolve with the spirit of times, innovations flow into the development process. This results in products that reflect our craftsmanship and correspond to taste and aesthetics for generations to come. This is how we combine modernity with tradition. All writing instruments are handmade and tested in our manufactory. No machine can replace the skill and expertise of a passionate craftsman.

Handcrafted writing instruments

No machine can replace the skill and expertise
of a passionate craftsman.

Regional producer with own distribution 

We manufacture, distribute and ship our products with great attention to detail worldwide. Our company in Cunewalde (Saxony) is the center of our work and expertise.


No matter which model you choose, all writing instruments meet the same high quality requirements. All DIPLOMAT writing instruments are characterized by an excellent feel and surface finish, write durably and can be provided with different refills or nib sizes, depending on the purpose for which they are needed. 

Sustainable and durable 

What we have always kept in mind in the design and manufacture of our writing instruments is that heavily stressed parts can be replaced at any time. Sustainability and value preservation of our high-quality writing instruments are the be-all and end-all. This is another reason why we can give a 5-year warranty on our high-end products.

Individual and unique

Our 100 years of experience in the field of professional manufacturing and the design we have created again and again uniquely distinguish us as a manufactory for individual writing instruments.

Something very special

You feel it when you take our writing instruments out of the high-quality packaging. It is something very special that you hold in your hands.  The unique shape, the surfaces, the nibs. We guarantee that you will be part of the DIPLOMAT family from this moment. A DIPLOMAT is a special present for you, for others and for many occasions.


Experience our products as we do: enthusiastic!

Experience our products as we do: enthusiastic! A wide variety of metals, elaborate manufacturing processes and sophisticated mechanics – all handmade! Let yourself be inspired by our writing instruments and be amazed! Our product groups offer a unique experience of writing and drawing for everyone.

But, what actually makes a good writing instrument? And why are writing instruments something very special for many people? What does it say about its owner?

We at DIPLOMAT try to give the right answers to this question with our products. We see each of our writing instruments as an accessory that has a very personal meaning for our customers, whether it is used to write everyday things, create new works or sign contracts. It is designed as a product for life. Something valuable that you like to show and can identify with, that’s what DIPLOMAT stands for, a manufactory that combines high-tech and craftsmanship in 100 years of tradition.

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