DIPLOMAT – writing instruments

Our 100 years of experience in the field of professional production and the unique designs we always create characterize us as a manufacturer of individual writing instruments.

100 years
DIPLOMAT – writing instruments


Founded by Carl Räuchlesen senior. in Hennef/Sieg Wehrstrasse in March 1922

ca. 1934

His cousin H. Kurz takes over the main share in the company for his son Adolf Kurz. This rises at the same time as Karl Räuchle jr. into the company. Adolf Kurz takes care of the production of Karl Räuchle jr. about sales Operation runs under Hennefer stationery factory Kurz & Räuchle. Production: piston fountain pens and propelling pencils


Purchase of the company Eckhardt Berlin This was owned by the trademark DIPLOMAT; but was not used until after the war.

2. Weltkrieg

Temporary takeover of the company and committed to the production of ammunition parts such as cartridge cases.


From the beginning of the 1950s, the new developments were brought onto the market under the DIPLOMAT brand. Development of the first retractable ballpoint pen in-house mine production, the 95 S mine deserves a special mention


first cartridge school fountain pen in Germany at that time there were around 300 employees in the company in Hennef after the death of Adolf Kurz in 1966 and Mr. Karl Räuchle in 1976, the company was


sold to IMCO J. Michaelis in Stuttgart Until then, IMCO was purely a trading company Injection molding and assembly remained in Hennef


Establishment of metal production with a paint shop in Pforzheim


Construction of the assembly plant in Cunewalde, initially only for spring units Production site in the old castle at the Wolfsschlucht


the owner Joachim Michaelis died unexpectedly at the age of only 52 He was succeeded by his son Andreas Michaelis, who had just finished his studies a few weeks earlier


DIPLOMAT was sold to Herlitz Berlin DIPLOMAT is managed as an independent subsidiary


Relocation of the administration to the production building in Pforzheim Packing and storage moves to Bad Schönborn with new staff.


Complete move to Falkensee and a short time later to Berlin/Tegel


Opening of the new production facility in Cunewalde in the former engine factory in Erlenweg

Ende 2004

DIPLOMAT was sold to helit innovative Büroprodukte GmbH


Diplomat gets new management from France – privateers Mathias and Marcel Ringeard Shipping and production administration will remain in Cunewalde MADE IN GERMANY remains the top priority for the company


new markets in Asia and Europe are opened up

ab 2018

Upgrading of all writing instruments. New cap seal “soft sliding click” and spring-loaded clip


Development of the new “NEXUS” model with a unique filling system, for which a patent is pending

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