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  • Which cartridges can I use in the Diplmat fountain pens?

    Please only use ink cartridges or converters in standard size. Unfortunately, long cartridges are not compatible with our barrels. The use of long cartridges can lead to damage at the nib section or the bottom of the barrel.

  • My writing instrument fell down. Now it doesn't work properly anymore. Can you still fix it?

    Most of our writing instruments can be repaired. Please contact: reparatur@diplomat-pen.de

  • I like your Diplomat Excellence A2. However, I would like to have this with a screw-on cap, as with the Excellence Aplus. Can I also get this custom-made product from you?

    Custom-made products are of course possible. Please contact: vertrieb@diplomat-pen.de

  • My writing instrument is defective. Can I fix this myself?

    We do not recommend that you repair the writing instruments yourself, as special tools and adhesives usually have to be used to ensure a professional repair. Please contact us for repair requests at: reparatur@diplomat-pen.de

  • My Diplomat writing instrument is defective. Can I have it repaired by you?

    In most cases, we can assist with a repair of your Diplomat writing instrument. For old writing instruments this possibility also exists. To make sure that we still have spare parts for your old Diplomat model available in the archive, please send us an email with a few photos to: reparatur@diplomat-pen.de

  • Can you tell me the dimensions and weight of your writing instruments?

    Dimensions and weights for the individual products can be found in the category “products” and in the shop.

  • Can I also use the converter with a Traveller, Esteem, CLR or Magnum fountain pen? Or should I use standard-cartridges only?

    Our converters fit into all Diplomat fountain pens and therefore can be used without hesitation in all models.

  • Can I replace the individual components of the Diplomat rollerballs with the Diplomat fountain pens?

    No, the barrels have different components (barrel bottoms) and can cause damage to the writing instrument and ink/refill when replaced

  • In which nib sizes are your fountain pens available?

    In the category “products” you will find an overview of all models with the corresponding nib size.

  • In which area will my writing instrument be engraved?

    It is possible to have the writing instrument engraved on the cap, either for left- or right-handers.

  • I would like to have my Diplomat writing instrument engraved. Is this possible?

    Yes, we offer an engraving service in the category “engraving”. Due to the different surfaces of our writing instruments, unfortunately not every product can be customized. In our category “products” you can see in the description whether your model is customizable. For an older model, which can no longer be found in the product overview, you are welcome to ask by email with a picture of the writing instrument whether engraving is possible. info@diplomat-pen.de

  • I would like to purchase a writing instrument from you. Where can I find a dealer?

    Under the category “Find a dealer” you can easily search for a shop or distribution in your area/country.

  • I have ink fingers all the time and I think my fountain pen runs out of ink. Is the fountain pen defective?

    Please check the using position of your fountain pen. The nib section should be used in the black area behind the ornamental ring. Please only use standard cartridges and standard converters that are in the writing instrument or packaging when our writing instrument is delivered. Long cartridges are not compatible with our writing instruments. If the problem persists, please contact us with a few pictures of your writing instrument: reparatur@diplomat-pen.de

  • I bought a Diplomat fountain pen. Now I have realized that I do not like the nib size. I would like to use a different nib size. Is that possible?

    Within 4 weeks from the date of purchase, we will gladly exchange the undamaged nib into another size. Please contact: reparatur@diplomat-pen.de

  • I have a Diplomat ballpoint pen/rollerball, but I can't find a suitable refill for it.

    Please send us an email with a photo of your writing instrument to: reparatur@diplomat-pen.de. We will be happy to help you find the right refill.

  • I am left-handed, can I still write with a Diplomat writing instrument?

    Yes. The grip sections of our writing instruments are suitable for left- and right-handers.

  • I own several Diplomat fountain pens. I noticed that in one case the F-nib produces the same typeface as the M-nib of my other diplomat. Is this normal?

    All nib sizes have so-called tolerance ranges. Therefore, it is quite possible that an F-nib, as in your example, can also come close to the typeface area of an EF or M.

  • I own a Diplomat Spacetec ballpoint pen. After writing, there is always a blob at the top.

    As you might know, there´s a gas inside the refill, which helps to press the ink out of it to be able to write.

    The paste is pressed forward in the direction of the output / ball, so that always, e.g. even when writing overhead, the ball is supplied with paste. Between the tip and the ball enclosed in it is a tiny necessary space over which the paste is transferred via the ball to the sheet of paper. Due to the not inconsiderable pressure from the gas, more paste is pushed out through this space,
    which is necessary to make a line on the sheet of paper. So there is something left and this accumulates as a small drop at the top of the refill. This “deposit” dries when not in use and interferes with a smooth start the next time it is written.

    Unfortunately, this is the case and unfortunately it cannot be turned off. This is a side effect of this highly developed gas pressurized refill. In addition, the ball in the tip works like a valve and prevents the pressurized interior or paste from leaking. In order to open this “valve” and thus be able to write or make a stroke, a higher pressure is required than with normal ballpoint pen refills.

  • I own an old Diplomat writing instrument. Can you tell me which model it is and how old it is?

    We are happy to help you identify your writing instrument. Please send an email with some pictures to: info@diplomat-pen.de

  • The cap on my fountain pen/rollerball no longer closes properly. Can I have a new cap?

    Most of our writing instruments can be repaired. Please contact: reparatur@diplomat-pen.de

  • The ink flow of my fountain pen doesn't seem to be okay. What can I do?

    First, check if the nib is okay and the ink cartridge or converter is filled. If everything is okay here, the ink is probably dried due to non-use of the fountain pen or due to signs of aging there are remainings in ink feeding system. Likewise, the use of various colored inks can cause remainings in the ink feeding system. First aid: Unscrew the complete nib unit / front piece just like you want to change the cartridge. Clean the nib unit under running lukewarm water. Now you can put the front piece in a bowl of lukewarm rinsing water (dish liquid) overnight. The next day, wash thoroughly and put the nib carefully into an absorbent sponge. Alternatively, you can also put the complete nib section into an ultrasonic bath. Then equip as usual with cartridge or converter and restart writing. If this all does not work, please contact our repair service: reparatur@diplomat-pen.de

  • Do you offer calligraphy nibs for your fountain pens?

    Currently we do not offer calligraphy nibs for our writing instruments.

  • The refill of my mechanical pencil/ballpen will not extend while screwing or pushing. What can I do?

    Please contact our repair service: reparatur@diplomat-pen.de

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