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“A vintage look, a timeless finish”

The new Traveller Flame embodies the spirit of our traditional range while embracing our new innovative path. For this brand-new range, we wanted to showcase the originality and versatility of metal as a manufacturing material and hence we worked it to its full potential.

We went for an innovative and somehow unexpected process. Indeed, our craftsman Gerald, flamed each Traveller one by one in our workshop in Cunewalde, Germany. Beyond making each pen unique, this process gave them subtle shades of different colors and an overall vintage chic look.

We then applied a fine touch of varnish to provide a timeless conservation of the new writing instruments.

Last but not least, it was of utmost importance to us to create a full range fit for every need and use and hence we are glad to share that this new model comes in the form of a fountain pen, a rollerball, a ballpoint and a mechanical pencil.

We cannot think of a better way to bring the heat to your writings.

Add a vintage chic touch to your writings, discover our brand new Traveller Flame.

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